Crime Scene

Our Detective Agency & Services is one of the private agencies which provide the best services in Malaysia in Crime Detective.The purpose of crime scene investigation is to help establish what happened and to identify the responsible person. We have the ability to recognize and properly collect physical evidence is oftentimes critical to both solving and prosecuting violent crimes.

Our documenting crime scene conditions can include immediately recording transient details such as lighting (on/off),drapes (open/closed), weather, or furniture moved by medical teams. In crime detective we have an expertise with lots of experience.


We are providing Theft Vehicle Investigation Service to our clients. Through our extensive investigation services, we provide an exact information input that assists our clients formulate an effective solution within fixed time schedule.We are Professionals in the industry and maintain a staff of fully qualified investigators in practical experience.

Being the leading firm, we are master in providing Theft Investigation Service that are quality assured and are systematic in nature. Offered services are executed as per the individual requirements of clients and close enquiry should be done as per the preference.

Asset Verification

Sri kaliyamman security services and detective bureau provides excellent services towards verification of assets including hidden assets, property, vehicles, employment, bank accounts, business ownership etc. We are conversant and familiar with civil procedures and documentation required by our valued clients.

The entire process of verification can be done within the stipulated time frame as we have a dedicated team equipped with necessary skill set and ensure confidentiality on the information gathered as part of verification process.

White Collar offence

When conducting a white collar crime investigation, you need investigators with the sharpest technical skills in order to outsmart and catch the crooks. That's where Srikaliyamman comes in. Our investigators are handpicked and have years of experience in their fields of investigation. Srikaliyamman gives you the edge you need to get the job done.

Fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, counterfeiting, and investment schemes cost India billions of dollars each year. Protect your business, assets, and personal livelihood from these and other white-collar crimes: choose the experts at Srikaliyamman for your investigation needs!

Corporate Intelligence

We provide a unique investigative method, an experienced elite management team, and real-world solutions to the cases. We offer a wide range of Corporate Investigation & Detective Services with discreet enquiry, precise examination and keen observation.

We work closely in cooperation with our corporate clients and their counsels to minimize the risk in the investigations. As a part of Corporate Detective Service provider, we are a current multiple contract holder with many government agencies.

Sex Offence

Our detectives work closely with Child Protective Services, medical professionals, prosecutors, and advocacy agencies. In addition to the special skills needed to work with these victims, the detectives assigned to the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit are committed to using their entire investigative prowess to identify, arrest and charge offenders who commit these offenses.

The Sex Offense Squad is also responsible for the registering, tracking, and monitoring of State registered sex offenders and predators within the Town, and enforcing Federal, State, and Local laws and ordinances that apply to them.


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